Our Ethical Values

Professional & Ethical Standards

At TD Team, we have 5 standards (Code of Ethics) which we all must comply with:

Act with integrity

Being honest, trustworthy, straightforward in all that we do.

Respecting confidential information of our customers, not allowing bias, conflict of interest or the undue influence of others to override our professional judgements and obligations.

Not offering or accepting gifts, hospitality or services which might suggest an improper obligation.

Always provide a high standard of service

Ensuring that our customers always receive the best possible support.

Acting within our scope of competence.

Communicating with our customers in a way that will allow them to make informed decisions.

Putting the fair treatment of customers at the center of our business culture.

Act in a way that promotes trust in the profession

Acting in a manner, both in our professional and private lives, to promote ourselves, our organization and the profession in professional and positive way.

Promoting what we and the profession stand for – the highest standards.

Being aware that being professional is more than just about how we behave at work. It is also about how we behave in our private lives.

Fulfilling our obligations. Always doing what we say we will.

Always trying to meet the spirit of our professional standards and not just the letter of the standards.

Treat others with respect

Treating people with courtesy, politeness and consideration no matter their race, religion, size, age, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Being aware of cultural sensitivities and business practices.

Putting the respectful treatment of customers at the center of our business culture.

Take responsibility

Being accountable for all our actions.

Always acting with skill care and diligence.

Responding in an appropriate and professional manner and aim to resolve any complaint from anyone to the satisfaction of the complainants as far as we can.

Being prepared to question issues that we are uncertain about by raising the matter as appropriate with our colleagues in the company, with DGCA, or with any other appropriate person, body or organization.